yye Solutions

Yue Yip Engineering Limited

serving Hong Kong since 1990s

Web3 and Fintech Solutions

yye discovers and offers top-tier Web3 & Fintech design solutions for various partners

Utility Contracting

Road Works, Gas Pipeline

Co-founded in 1990s with Wang Yip Engineering, yye has been undertaking road projects. In 2000s, we became an approved Towngas contractor to carry out gas pipeline laying and road works.

Interior Design

Shop Decoration, Office Furniture

yye provides one-stop shop and office interior design engineering services, from art design, engineering drawings, material selection, manpower allocation, project management, to the final customer acceptance. 

Smart City Infrastructure

Smart Public Toilets, Smart Care Homes

In recent years, yye has actively invested in smart city technology, developing IoT sensors, cloud platforms, and software management systems, and invested in projects including smart public toilets and smart elderly care homes.

Solutions for Public Funding

yye actively transforms past experience into general engineering and software solutions, and provide them to customers to faciliate their applications for various public subsidies, including


Technology Voucher Programme (TVP)

Gerontechnology Platform (I&T Fund)


Innovation & Tech Fund for Better Living (FBL)

Home Care Gerontechnology
yye Fall Detection Radar System

Utilizing advanced 3D radar imaging technology, the yye fall detection system detects elderly falls and immediately alerts caregivers through the web app and mobile app.


demo portal : nmvayyar.web.app
demo tester : nmvayyar.web.app/butter

Tailor-made CRM Software
yyeCRM Customer Relationhip Management

This software was initially provided to our handymen and technologists for managing customer needs. yyeCRM can customize ERP/CRM programs for any customer.


demo software : yyecrm.web.app
login : demo | password : demo

Smart Office IoT Sensors
yye Gravio Cloud & IoT Connectivity

By utilizing various IoT sensors connected to the yye Gravio Cloud Platform, a smart office can achieve energy savings, effective people flow management, and efficient scene control.